1. Customer Editing

frmCustomerEdit - Customer Editing Form

This section describes how to edit CubeCart customers. 

Edit Customer Form

To edit CubeCart customer you can double click on it or use edit customer button. It calls edit customer form.

  • No of orders - When the customer has not made any orders, '0' (zero) is displayed. However when order have been made, the number of orders is shown.
  • Title, First and Last name, Company, E-mail - Customer's data entered during the registration process. Drop-downs allow selecting or calculating values.
  • Subscribed to mailing list -  Enable the option in order to subscribe customer to the mailing list.
  • Address, Town, Postcode, Country, County/State, Phone, Mobile, IP - Customer's data entered during the registration process.
  • Registered - Date customer was registered.

Click Ok to save this entry and to close edit customer form or click cancel to discard this entry.

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